Quality is of utmost importance at Donkhorias Company.

We ensure that all our garments meet industry quality standards and individual customer’s requirements.

We assure the quality of our manufactured garments at every stage of production as well as the final stage before the consignment is handed over to the client. From the first design concept to the final product that is sold to the customer, quality assurance is a comprehensive process.

As part of quality assurance, we follow strict quality processes and analysis. We make it a part of our manufacturing process to ensure the life-long commitment of quality to our clients and to consistently maintain high-quality standards in women’s apparel manufacturing and home furnishing items.

We educate and train our employees and suppliers so they are aware of our commitment to quality and how their work significantly impacts the performance and quality of our products in the market. We continuously equip them with technological upgrades and changing customer landscape to help them improve their services.

We are compliant with environmental policies, REACH standards, and testing; in-process quality audits, and all other rules and regulations that help us achieve the best results with zero defects. We follow environment-friendly manufacturing processes with minimum wastage of electricity and water. We use stringent quality checks and systems to identify problems and measure the quality of the products during every stage of manufacturing. We take corrective actions to predict, prevent, and eliminate the defects and errors in the manufacturing process.

We work with certified suppliers who supply us with raw materials that meet our quality standards and requirements.

Our quality objectives

  • We ensure that the products meet the requirements of our clients.
  • We ensure that our suppliers and employees are consistently informed about our quality commitments and any quality upgrade is immediately communicated to them.
  • We ensure that our products meet legal and social requirements and are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner.
  • We ensure a safe and secure working environment for our workers to avoid mishaps and accidents.
  • We work against the clock to deliver clients’ consignments in tight deadlines without compromising the quality.
  • We clearly specify our quality commitments and follow a series of checks to ensure we are achieving it.